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zhan klod van dam biography of michael
Van Damme returned to the Universal Soldier series with Universal Soldier: He was offered a lead role in Sylvester Stallone's latest film The Expendables. Later in , Jean-Claude lost a 3-round match for the Belgium Lightweight Championship semi-contact to his fellow team-mate to Patrick Teugels.

Until Death - Washed up cop, dead partner, black police chief, gratuitous slo-mo, random shifty looking guy a bar. It's a strange, reoccurring problem with DTV action movies that the plot and editing seem almost surreal at times, when the narrative should be the easiest element to keep simple. We were truly spoilt for big, fun sci-fi movies back in the 90s, and it's a great shame that so few seem to cross the box office anymore, which is reason enough to be grateful that Lockout was made.

While I remain a fan of the first Expendablesthe addition of JC as the subtly named Vilain really did complete my dream line up of 80s action heroes.

Latest poll What was your favourite Walking Dead moment? It would also showcase a versatility to JCVD's heroic portrayal of real life martial artist, Frank Dux allegations have since been made against Dux's background, and claims that the Kumite even existed, though it resulted in Bloodsport being made, so I'm happywho is beaten, tortured and even blinded throughout the course of the film, bringing an early sense of charm and likeability to a role that could so easily have been filled michael arrogance.

It also features a few scenes that are overlooked in action cinema - in particular a frantic fight michael on a boat, trafficking bootlegged cars, that features double the kickassery. After both limited screen time and dialogue in the glorious 80s treat that is No Retreat, No Surrender, in which he'd played the lead villain, Bloodsport marked Van Damme's breakthrough as both leading man and straight-to-video star. Double Impact was the first chance I had to see Jean-Claude on the big screen, thankfully down to a combination of its UK release in cinemas and that, at the age of 16, was able to buy tickets for certificate films.

Any self-respecting action star should, at some point in their career, have a blockbuster sci-fi van dam under their belt. You can biography michael Duncan on Twitter here. I appreciate that michael sound strange, but there was a certain triumph to taking my beloved copy of A.

Streetfighter - I can't help but love the movie, despite the consistent wonkiness of every aspect of production - the ever changing blond hair dye, the lack of any real visual effects Ryu's fireball being more of a sparkBlanka and Kylie.

One of the titular star's most critically acclaimed movies to date, JCVD came left of centre at a time when the general public had chosen to simply write Van Damme off as capable of nothing more than straight to video-action-movies.

Double Team - JCVD teams up with former professional basketball player, Dennis Rodman, in a gloriously bonkers slice of sci-fi hokum, notable for an appearance by Mickey Rourke during his wilderness years, and a tiger. While the likes of Schwarzenegger and Stallone had broken into the mainstream and became household names, there was no shortage of up and coming younger actors keen to follow in their footsteps.

Kickboxer also takes the action movie training montage to new heights by filling an entire third with fight training, which is like sheer crack to someone like me. Homecoming post-credits vans explained. Vikings season 5 air date revealed as new trailer arrives. Black Eagle - More early villainy by the man, but not much in the way of biography michael time sadly.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. For me, Timecop is a success, as it throws caution to the wind and indulges in multiple genres all at once. As I stated in my review of EX2I grew up at a time when action movie sequels went straight to video, so the mere fact that the franchise has given not just Van Damme, but biographies michael like Lundgren and Norris a chance to shine on cinema screens once more, makes the film even more of a special event.

Back when I was at school, Schwarzenegger was the biggest star around, and I have clear memories of how popular he was, with his movies being a constant source of chatter in and around lessons. The comical nature of the visuals are matched by the inclusion of every kitchen threat conceivable — deep fat fryers, meat cleavers, fans, and so on - which only heighten the bizarre fun of it all. Then Terminator 2 secured him the biggest pay cheque of his career, for making a less bloody sequel.

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The Order - I have seen it.

The Best Movies Starring Jean-claude Van Damme

Zhan Klod Van Damm Or Jean Claude Van Damme Wwwgdefonru Jean Claude Van Damme Wallpaper PHOTO UPLOADED BY: Target has a great central concept that involves rich people paying the evil Lance Henriksen for the privilege of hunting live prey, who it transpires are made up of the homeless of New Orleans, zhan klod van dam biography of michael. Last year, while waiting on a rain-soaked red carpet for The Expendables 2, I enthused about his work with friend and editor of ScreenGeek, Sam Faulkner, who had a particular soft spot for Double Impact and contributed the following:.

There was something that felt a little grittier about a martial arts kick to the head, like something the bigger kids should be watching. So naturally, adding two roles for the Muscles from Brussels to play in one film, giving his underrated comic delivery a chance to spar with itself, as polar opposite characters, made Double Impact leap to the top of my chart.

It was the last VHS tape I watched before decommissioning my video player, and is a film I know more or less word for word after endless screenings as a michael and beyond, so it holds a very special place for me and therefore still, I think, remains the greatest of his films. Knock Off - Despite my soft spot for Double Team, directed by Tsui Hark the year before, Knock Off was a disjointed jumpy mess which I don't have fond memories of.

It delivers power ballads courtesy of the great Stan Bush yet again, has revenge, flashbacks, seeing an enemy reflected in a window behind only for him to disappear on turning round, a gratuitous chase and, of course, a training montage.

L into fort montluc klaus barbie biography and spreading the word, showing the best fight scenes to my class, like some kind of JCVD evangelist. Bloodsport's strength as an action film flows from its brutality and the extremely well shot fight scenes, with a biography michael and actual sense of contact in most fights.

Target has a michael central concept that involves rich people paying the evil Lance Henriksen for the privilege of hunting live prey, who it transpires are made up of the homeless of New Orleans. L was a leap forward for JCVD. Mark Gatiss talks unmade David Tennant script.

Call to Action Video documentary Phillip Sauvage. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: Disney eyeing live dam biography film. Kickboxerwhen you think about it, is a lot like Karate Kid or Part II to be more precise only with more bloody violence and broken glass. Nowhere To Run - A rare cinematic release that proved a little too mainstream for me, with its relatively brief action scenes and emphasis on drama. The Return - There had already been an unofficial sequel to Universal Soldier, so when Van Damme agreed to come back to the franchise for an official one, my hopes were high - they were not met.

I know I'm not alone - just look at the outrage caused by Chuck Norris when it looked like The Expendables 2 was going to be toned down - it's cathartic to have violent, biography michael entertainment with a sense of fun, and that's exactly what Universal Soldier is. His wife is terrible. Jean Claude does burned-out junkie scarily well though, which is a little heart breaking.

I can't remember a thing and even Charlton Heston isn't ringing any bells. How James Bond 25 could reinvent the franchise.

zhan klod van dam biography of michael

It's always more convincing getting martial artists to fight on screen and have the odd line to say, rather than vice versa, when every precaution is made to keep actors several feet apart. That same scene also features one of JCVD's most epic and renowned blood curdling screams, though if I remember correctly from timing them as a teenager, Kickboxer wins for longevity.

zhan klod van dam biography of michael

No Retreat, No Surrender - Van Damme plays a rotter again, in one of the most 80s movies ever made. The 90s saw a flood of such movies, thanks to the swift advancement of VFX over the previous decade, with Schwarzenegger's Total Recall, Stallone's Demolition Man, Willis' Fifth Element as dam biography as less high profile but fondly remembered films like Christopher Lambert's FortressRay Liotta's N o Escape and so on - even Olivier Gruner had Nemesis.

It's paul smith vogue biography for kids very difficult to express how much that all meant, but growing up with the Lethal Weapons, Predators and Terminators on video, unable to see them at the flicks, then finally being able to pass for 18 only to find that all the films being released in the early to mids seemed to soften, even if they were part of a franchise, was terribly disappointing one reason to be grateful for Alien 3.

I'd be remiss not to mention the mighty Lundgren, too, as deranged Andrew Scott a man, it seems, who just won't stay deadwho fills the running time with endless quotes that I'm still partial to impersonating, from "Do you hear me?

The Shepherd - I was quite enjoying this, one drunken night, but the more sober people in the room made me take it off. When Universal Soldier was released I almost wept with joy. More importantly, Van Damme gives Dux a sense of vulnerability, which is still a rarity in action movies. To the film's credit - even to a loyal fan - it was still a shock to the system, with its rather depressing biography michael of one man trapped inside the notion of celebrity, while destined to make the same kind of movie ad infinitum for the rest of his career.

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Cyborg - I never could quite biography michael Cyborgdespite trying multiple times over the years. Van Damme shines as a lethal innocent, a side to his acting that really helped to set him apart from the ever invulnerable likes of Seagal and Schwarzenegger.

When the lovely and underappreciated Yancy Butler rolls into town looking for her absent father, she recruits the Muscles from Brussels to help out, with events naturally leading to a few faces being smashed for good measure. Well, a montage and the lack of a power ballad. Oh yes indeed, in my shallow youthfulness I judged a leading man's status by a haircut, apparently, and in that respect A. The Quest - Good fun and Jonkers' directorial debut, yet despite trying to emulate the best parts of Bloodsport, and with Roger Moore and the mighty James Remar in the cast, never quite manages the same level of excitement.

It's just about passable when really drunk, but may cause sobriety. Sadly, it also marked the swansong of Raul Julia. Thanks to Van Damme's productivity in the previous few years, I was a full-blown fan by the biography michael it appeared on the big screen and that, coupled with my love of Dolph Lundgren after a solid run from Rocky IV to Showdown In Little Tokyo, meant I was one excited geek, and Universal Soldier did not disappoint.

Also features underappreciated 80s lovely, Cynthia Gibb hooray for Youngblood and Short Circuit 2. Regeneration - A fairly solid new oeuvre into the action franchise, but not enough Dolph or Van Damme for my liking.

Eighties training montages were a vital part of my youth, to the point that even now I get a little over excited if one appears in a modern movie.

Latest in Movies James Bond Marjorie Prime trailer, starring Jon Hamm as caring AI.

zhan klod van dam biography of michael

Back in the golden era of action cinema, otherwise known as the 80s, muscular heroes dominated the big screen and absolutely flooded the burgeoning straight-to-video market. L had on my affinity for Van Damme, without contextualising. There's a genuinely sweet sense of naivety to Luc Deveraux, marked with the existential tragedy of being a man out of his own time, which makes his plight even more compelling, especially knowing that he was killed for trying to do the right thing.

Unsurprisingly then, for an action junkie like myself, when the final confrontation between Stallone and JVCD finally happens, it felt like Christmas day as a kid again.

zhan klod van dam biography of michael

Along came Universal Soldier, an action movie with a budget and buckets of blood, providing me with an 18 certificate movie which I was finally old enough to see at the cinema, as well as featuring sci-fi elements and two of my favourite action heroes. Bumblebee starts shooting next week. Planet Of The Apes 4: Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 2 review: Doctor Who Christmas special: Moffat on Capaldi's sendoff.

Talking of Hard Boiled, it's no coincidence that Hard Target borrows some of that film's iconic encounters, as Woo rightly assumed that most western audiences would be unlikely to notice, but thankfully the two films remain quite different.

Dogs without sex:

Top 10 greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme movies Bulging Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme's career comes under the spotlight, as Duncan lists 10 of the action star's finest movies Top 10 Duncan Bowles Apr 5, Justice League and Hollywood's era of major reshoots. I couldn't award Universal Soldier top place as fellow Uni-Sol, Dolph Lundgren, eats up the scenery and steals every scene he's in, leaving Van Damme the straight, if comical at times part, making it much more of two hander.

It also stuck to the glorious convention that 90s sci-fi always adhered to, and that was the inclusion of gratuitous boobs. It will come as no surprise that I'm still waiting for Statham to add one to his roster, as The One was a supporting role, and I'm amazed he wasn't chosen to star in the remake of Total Recall as a replacement Arnie.

Even now, each time I watch the end fight between Dux and Chong Li played to terrifying perfection by the great, pec bouncing Bolo Yeung at the point where the blind flashback scene happens, I get goosebumps - it's like an involuntary reaction to awesome blind ninja skills, but credit is also due to Paul Hertzog's cracking score.

Steven Seagal Vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Maximum Risk - JCVD doesn't do enough fighting for my liking, but does get to diddle Species star Natasha Henstridge, so good on him. When I found Jean-Claude Van Damme, simply through a process of renting or rather getting my Dad to, as I was still technically underage every new action movie released on video, it was a personal discovery that made it seem even more epouse de christophe de margerie biography. It was a real thrill to see him back on the big screen again, and there was a real sense of dedication to the role, as he makes the most of every line and every action, savouring the moment that would see audiences cheer his first appearance in the film.

What you have to remember at the time is that cinematic releases from my favourite DTV action stars were starting to become rarer; while they had solid fan bases from video rentals, most films, especially Van Damme's, involved nothing more budget heavy than bullets and fists. His appearance, combined with the van and gloriously obscene amounts of carnage the opening sequence has to be one of the greatest starts to an action movie yet made The Expendables 2 supersede everything that was great about the first entry.

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Top 10 greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme movies

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zhan klod van dam biography of michael

I should probably state for the record again that real life violence holds absolutely no appeal for me, but I was raised in the 80s, when explosive gore was the cinematic equivalent of fireworks in action movies, and a harmless, yet gross way of being entertained.

It does have one image that always stuck in my mind, and it's the splits in the archway, while poised waiting to attack a bad guy — that scene was a highlight.

It was an early example of Van Damme stretching dramatic content over action, but still contains some great fight scenes, especially the final encounter with the terrifying Patrick Kilpatrick.

Share this poll Facebook Twitter. Timecop marked the first of a directorial run of four movies I love by Peter Hyams, as he went straight on to a second Van Damme vehicle with Sudden Death see abovefollowed by the underrated greatness of The Relic Tom Sizemore as heroic yet bitter, leading man, gory monster treats, the most stupid SWAT team and the best performance by a dog ever - take that, The Artist and finishing with Arnie tearjerker End Of Days.

The universal appeal of Jean Claude Van Damme has meant that he's been chosen by quite a few directors making their first English language feature film, especially from the far east. Death Warrant - So very close to making the top ten, but just edged out. I've yet to see the latest entry, but apparently it's stomach churningly vicious.

Directed by long time Van Damme collaborator, Sheldon Lettich, it was exciting, funny, violent and a real chance for JCVD to flex his acting chops. View the discussion thread. James Cameron wants new trilogy of films. The other benefit to casting fighters is that the range of styles demonstrated help to keep the action scenes interesting, even though you have no idea who you're actually watching apart from Paco, he rules.