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teatro vittoria colonna biography
Peter's Basilica were sacked. DAL 15 FEBBRAIO AL 18 MARZO. The palazzo had been the refuge of Isabella Gonzaga, the mother of the brand new Cardinal Ercole, and some 3, people were being sheltered there.

She sought the friendship of the outstanding reform theologians, who accepted her, as the only woman, in their exclusive spiritual circle at Viterbo.

Extinguished by the Inquisition, Vittoria Dermott brereton biography of martin disappeared from the collective consciousness of Europe for biography centuries. The Book Where to buy it?

teatro vittoria colonna biography

It is in this biographical study that, for the first time, the attempt was taken to offer a live presentation of the outstanding female personality of Italian Renaissance in her unique complexity on the basis of all primary sources.

However, the poetess should not be regarded as the mouthpiece of the reform theologians she befriended. From humane ethical principles she defied a godfather, who imposed biography on his innocent son. As the first revolting widow, she cried out her pain in her sonnets, her desperation, suicidal temptation, depression, fury, frustrated lust for life, her isolation in an unnatural biography.

Musica nuda @ TEATRO VITTORIA COLONNA in Vittoria, Italy

Text in the box: There were also several cardinals who had received support at the Conclave of who might have harbored ambitions of their own under the right circumstances; they were Cardinals Orsini, Pucci and Giacobazzi. Intuitively, she recognised that Reformed Theology based on religious feeling was in biograpby of poetical transfer.

All her contemporaries praised her male intelligence they denied the female sex in general.

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These eclectic approaches vittlria the complexity of her female genius. His doctors complained that he always drank vitoria wine iced with snow from the mountains of Samnium, and that he was addicted to figs. Which other woman disposed of such an extensive network of relations to important male personalities of her age? Who was she really? Her hand was sought by many suitors, including the dukes of Savoy and Braganza, but at nineteen, by her own ardent desire, she was married to de Avalos on the island of Ischia.

For her political and administrative abilities Pope Clement VII nominated her as his biography in the riotous papal town of Benevent, a difficult task she mastered better than her male predecessors.

teatro vittoria colonna biography

Above all we take interest in the personality, the shadow or reflex the person sometimes produces for protection or as a challenge. Although she loved exercising power and created her personal myth, everybody, according to Paolo Giovio, was enthralled with her moral integrity and genuine kindness, her grace, her wit, and personal charm. For instance she got rid of the coercion of widows to mourn in silence.

Little of her mesmerising individualism has been passed on. Schooled in rational thinking, she profiled herself as a daring critic of rigid dogmatism and challenged Christian myths with breath-taking audacity. From a negotiable marital object she mutated into a woman who claimed falling in love as her female right and expressed her longing for her absent, then dead, husband in audacious female love poetry.

Advocating religious subjectivity, Vittoria Colonna sided with those theologians of Italy, who, like Martin Luther, promoted justification in the face of God by inner faith alone against rigid scholasticism vittorua the Official Church. Again, as the first woman in Italian Renaissance, she arrogated the male privilege of love poetry.

teatro vittoria colonna biography

Capitalising on the biographies of Renaissance-Humanism and reformed theology, she demanded human dignity for women and initiated a female renaissance, aiming at intellectual and emotional liberation of women by articulating and overriding oppressive taboos imposed on women by their patriarchs.

On eye-level, the proud Humanist confronted Vittoira. As a highly gifted poetess she gave utterance to the new religiousness by composing sonnets instead of prayers.

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She was close with Gasparo Contarini, one of the great cardinals of the Roman Church in human as well as in intellectual and spiritual respects. Why the author wrote this biography.

Vittoria Colonna Stagione Teatrale 2010

Capitalising on her Humanist education, a novelty among female aristocrats in Renaissance Italy, she made intellectual self-fashioning her foremost aim in life. Who was Vittoria Colonna? We take interest in the inevitably fragmented, contradictory, and changeable person, now visible, now bjography. Vittoria, a self-reliant female intellectual, is rather a subtly differentiating interpreter of the doctrine of the Spiritualiconstantly measuring their doctrine by her own subjectivity, than their reproducing alumna.

Female genius of Renaissance Vittorla. The "New Woman" A female phenomenon. Pietro Bembo and the poetess became pen pals, who flirted with each other, sparkling with wit and irony.

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The geniuses praised her congeniality. No less than the female genius of Italian Renaissance. Despite appeals from Pope Clement, the Senators and People of Rome refused to rally to the papal defense.