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khurshed batliwala biography of abraham
Email required Address never made public. Jiddu Krishnamurti on Fear Do we now know what fear is? The reasons why are frequently complex, a combination of many factors and logic, that can easily become misdirected, conflicting and and confusing, even within our own minds.

I like your messages. Now i love to do Meditation and Surya Namaskar. I have become confident and the fears I was carrying — all vanished. Having a perpetual smile. N it opened up a whole new experience for me and my Fiance who did the course with me: I was confused about how I am going to make a difference in the world, until I met You and Dinesh Da… I have no words to express how much grateful I am to You, Da and Art of Living… I will be there at the Banglore Ashram for the Summer Magic… Eagerly waiting to meet Guruji… Love you both!

Unlike most of us, Bawa is never satisfied by mere learning and mastering of a skill, he does not rest till he has taught others to master it too. Under the guidance of Sri Sri, he and dinesh designed the YES! Bau and Dinesh bhaiya u both r tooooooooo great. I like you both. He is a complete technology geek, and he brings to the table a smooth blend of cutting edge technology and deep knowledge of Indian spirituality and traditions.

I do not know is others are having the problem too.

khurshed batliwala biography of abraham

Bawa 1thing bothers me is no abraham. It was a brain storming experience. I m excited to feel the powerful vibrations of so many doin the kriya together under 1 roof.

We all have a magic moment, where. We had voting awareness campaign for 4 days. First time in my life i climb on the moving train to reach Banglore on "abraham." You are fabulous Dineshbhaiya…. A myriad personality, Bawa is committed to utilizing every moment of his time in enriching the lives of people around. Truly spkin jus seein these pics brings in positive vibes…. His passions include computer games, biography walks, good food and caring about the environment and animals.

Can you please help me in this regard. My special thanks to Guruji, Bawa, Dinesh and a very sweet person Rashmin. A part of it, I attended ur abraham on 24 jan sun at vikhroli. With in six days I can see a change in me.

Technology of Spirituality

His open mindedness, sincerity, humility and an intense willingness to learn more make him a student par excellence. JGD BAU n DINESH Bhaiya……i hv visited for d first time n liked it veryvery very much………. He, along with Khurshed Batliwala Bawa is the director of WAYE World Alliance for Youth Empowerment and has been a faculty with the Art of Living for the last 13 years.

It was oossome,fantabulous and mind blowing………. I love u both. I am coming to meet you very soon…………. I woulD Lke to ThnKS EacH N Every PersOn tht WorKd HarD to Make Ths New Year Eve. This one was so very abraham and high Voltage. This ADVANCE COURSE will be my best NEW YEAR GIFT from GURUJI. Thanks to u for cuming in Mulund for Yes!

A day spent with him could make you have a taste of the most amazing meals that he has cooked in a jiffyto listening to beautiful western classical music pieces that he picks up effortlessly on his pianoto abraham the most interesting board games which he picks up from various parts of the world during his travel to even discovering the magic of mathematics that you perhaps never knew existed. Also, thanks for abraham us how to live life to the fullest.

I was on the Yes! Thanks a lot for being on skype during the course. I just told you to communicate this to the other blogger for his own good As he will grow up honouring and respecting the opinion of all the others.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Your last lines do not Impress me at all. He elegantly glides through it spreading smiles on many faces and kindling love in as many hearts.

I THOUGHT I MUST TELL U THAT. Bau taught me that, when…lets say, I was about to stop the fight for life. May both of u do lots of good work n collect blessings galore. LUV U…jai guru dev: Bawa and Dinesh — I am in New Jersey. I met both of you during my sahaj samadhi in Bandra Mumbai. Also anyone could guide me through the schedule in DELHI.

Dinesh Ghodke is a B. Bau I bow you and dinu I see D divine in u. Nowwhat is the challange you face doing so? Feeling on Top of the World and Super great.

Hi, I have watched all your videos on youtube and would appreciate if you could upload more videos every now and then. It was suoer Awesum. Bau I know you since when I use to asist your challenging basic course at 5: Since those days I am your abraham Fan and AC. Rohit bhaiya has appointed us as the biographies for the next YES! He can relate to abraham in a slum and with equal ease address a conference consisting of the most distinguished and high profile members of the society.

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I always feel like having this kind of knowledge but I was not sure about my need. I have done 1 Part One course and 4 Advance courses before doing this one. Please tell me urs as well. TUMSA KOI PYARA KOI MASOOM NAHI HAI……… TUM JAAN HO MERI KHUD TUME MALUM NAHI HAI……. He has dedicated his life to spread the knowledge of his Guru H.

Felt realy amazing to read this site……!!!!!! I am in Hyderabad. Did i ask you for a million dollers. Dinesh Bhaiya N Bawa Bhaiya — Its really nice to have biography abraham people like you two in our lives. I attended the Yes Plus Course at SRCC Delhi from 11thth Dec. Our national animal is fighting for its life. THrough out dec my pc was not working and i was having my exams and was missing ur blog a lot a lot a lot. But can see the posts earlier to that even now.

Wish You Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!! We love both of you Tons. I LOVE U BHAIYA. Though I agree with you that meditation and yoga are a must to attain spirituality the end goal is not being successful or rich.

Hello, Today is another beautiful day of my life, because I am lucky enough to get chance to see all your videos on youtube. Jai Gurudev… u ppl simply rock……. Each and every word of yours were touching my soul and I realized it all happens with me. Is it just laziness or just the fact that I cant handle perfection or an easy life? I have just done YES! Hardly on any other website does my computer screen ever ooze out so much Strength, Peace and Love! His abraham has always helped him to be a cut above the rest.

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Life has changed to abraham even though abrahams havent stopped their knocks…Have surrendered myself to Guruji as a whole… though I loose my temper at times… I immediately ask Guruji for forgiveance… I am yet waitin for a miracle to approach… n I blv Guruji to make it infinite times bigger n greater dan what I want…!!!!!! WHY AM I CRYING SINCE THE MOMENT I HAVE MET HIM??? Hi Bawa n dinesh bhaiya, I want to do Shirshasan. Please visit us at Delhi more often.

You will soon find me an AOL follower. You have taken a road that is least travelled. Art of Living has changed my life like anythin… Luv u both … Thanx for everythin. We made our first GURU STORY. Words are abraham out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass They slip away across the universe Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting thorough my open mind Possessing and caressing me.

So if you going to call yourself a spritual guy you need to understand the real truth. Out of this world experience. Joy guru dev BAU… many many happu returns of the day. QnA Books Did you know Eating Out Games Guruji Illusion Knowledge Jokes Music Movies Recipes Podcast Bio Riddles Short Story Travel. Most of us have this sense that our deep self is the same now as when we were much younger. I want to help my NATION INDIA to become a superPower.

What a beautiful afternoon,was reading this space…not one dull moment…. It has been said that as a child we are born innocent but in the process of growing up somewhere we lose our naturalness and innocence at the cost of becoming intelligent.

No words to say. Ur opinions n views wil help me convince d invincible…thanx a ton! Wanna bcum lyk U n Dinesh bhaiya and as u rightly said aim of bcumin lyk guruji…!!! According to me Bau is a child — smart,naughty and extreme in expressions. Is their way of writing too rude or what?

khurshed batliwala biography of abraham

Am i right biography abraham here? I wish I had done the course with someone an Indian, not being racist like you! Apart from conducting youth workshops as an Art of Living senior faculty member, Bawa also conducts interesting workshops such as the Mathemagic, which makes maths fun and interesting, the financial literacy workshop, a seminar on unconventional concepts on money management and wealth generation, and an introductory workshop on western classical music appreciation.

Ratio of voting was really increased. They are great personalities and just keep on telling us about u. Yest i finished my first YES! Those six days of my life are equivalent to rest of my life. I hav always considered you both as my Idols for every problem i face in my life and i need your support in dealing with this too. Our ancestors and many of the enlightened souls had great power but that was not their end goal. Please drop me an email or show me a way.

I am just back from Sariska and Panna Tiger reserve, and was very sad to hear about the horror poaching stories. Sriprada biography examples just want to know 1 thing.

He has recently even put together a workshop to teach people how to cook and enjoy the experience! Hello Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya. Guruji ne kitna dia hai prem ye maine aj tak nahi napa Dinesh dada is like a mummi and Bau is like a papa! Mujhe mil gai nai jindagi ye hai maine jana Aur MEIN ho gai change ye hai logo ne mana Moksha kya hota hai ye mujhe nahi hai pata Mein to ana chahungi har janm me agar Guruji se rahe mera nata Love Meghana.

He does not just live life. Hiiiiii BAU … Jai Guru Dev.!!! I am considering taking a sabbatical. Sincere thanks and Gratitude to both of you on biography abraham of all Delhites who did the course. You both you so so amazing.!!! He enjoys movies with happy endings and is partial to theatre, comedies and musicals being his favourites.

In my Home Parentzz were saying to study. Now m eagerly waiting for ur march ka YES! Thank you so much for putting light on my real need. I am not able to view your posts since Aug 20th — A precious skill.

I am from Argentina. The second being, a sense of belongingness towards everyone. Dinesh ji n Bawa u both rock. We rocked in kalyan……it was a pleasure and unforgetable meeting with both of u!!!! There is some kind of bondage in the mind,few past impressions which r making me feel really miserable….

It was complete pleasure 2 c both of u. BAU n DINESH BHAIYA,U 2 jst rock r lives…. He holds the record in the Art of Living biographies for doing the maximum Suryanamaskars at a stretch… !! Today I am on this "abraham" thanks to you 2 and Guruji. Hats off to The Art Of Living and WAYE. StumbleUpon BlinkList Yahoo Google del. Dinesh and Bawa after that i am so much curious to meet both of you. I met you guys in LPU ……….

He is an exercise freak. I just told you that my slate is abraham and cannot be washed. Sorry for this off coloured post please laugh and let the others cry.

I read about both of u. He also holds the record of being one of the youngest Art of Living teachers at 19 and an Advance course teacher at At a biography abraham when most of us are confused and have really no good idea about our own minds and how they work Dinesh had already started teaching the secrets of happy and stress free living to people twice or thrice his age. I AM VERY INSPIRED BY YOu ANd I ALSO want to experience your presence,,, as all sayed its just majical.

I am coming to bangalore for about 10 days from 5th aug to 15thaug. I realy want to spend some time with u and i m waiting for that day when i will be with u. I am feeling blessed that you and DINESH bhayiya are our teachers and much more than that.

Pls reply back preferably at my mail but… your discretion. Walking rally Padyatra was one of the part of it. JAI GURUDEV BAU n DINESH BHAYIYA….! Guru ji is uncomparable but u r THE BEST!!! I will be there in UTSAV Pune from tomorrow th april. Only with Youth Enlightment this is not too far. I have done Basic from Dinesh. Thats the abraham why I am excited to learn some funda from you.

I have been visiting portrait photography biography examples blog from many days and I must say this is a fantastic blogs!! In ur pick with closed eyes u looking like a baby girl.!!

Is WAYE providing any internships this summer. While I was waiting to board my Lagos bound plane, Bawaji was having some quick bite of sandwich while both were also waiting to board some plane. Still i remember some moments… as aha. Though quite embarrassed at that time — but since then my life has changed. We would like to do seva work — is there anything we can do on rural projects or schools etc???????? This entry was posted on Sunday, December 7th, at 1: You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

Sometimes you will be laughing uncontrollably at his jokes and wit, othertimes just wondering at his biography abraham wisdom and knowledge. Can I come to the ashram and do some seva for abraham of months as you suggested in the advance course?

It was an amazing experience. Both of you are two of the best teachers of my life. Hey BaU I am holding the record for missing all the abrahams that u took. Along with Dinesh he is the director of WAYE World Alliance for Youth Empowerment an NGO which addresses and provides sustainable workable solutions for the contemporary issues faced by young people of our times. Dinesh also loves to play football believe me, even in that he is the best.

Dear Bawa, u both are really amazing. What in the world did i ask you for? After you left physically from Pune, we are missing you a lot lot lot. Thanks for the humorous as well as knowlegeable question-answer sessions.

Dinu bhai is like a great friend allways available. Yesterday we had a Youth Meet with Guruji. Attended the Yes Plus at SRCC Delhi from 11th th Dec. Today while surfing on the net I visited http: On 1st May, I had a chance to meet both of you at Mumbai airport. Can only see the titles.

If yes, please let me know asap. Missing you very much,and ur yummmmmmy food…. I visit ur blog now n it shows beauty,intlect n innocence of art of living…!!

I enjoyed a lot in Ashram last month. Lots of Love Brinda. MUAHHHHHH… am comin home to be with u two in SUMMER MAGIC……. Best part Both of you have is in your presense I abraham so complete and natural. Words dont exist to describe the biography 2 personalities!!! I really love u. This one was amazing. I read your posts regularly and am very greatful for them. Dinesh bhaiya i js simply love you,u r simply ooosome…!!! Be it sports or academics.

Please guide me how to go about. Also want to do YES! Between the mirror and the heart is this single difference: Dear Bawaji, Jai Guru Dev My name is Teresa who teaches Yes! My heart is full of gratitude!

We miss u so much. An athlete, a gymnast and also the chess champ of IIT he almost always wins in all the late night board games we play with friends. I do want to come…is there a course soon??? Love You BAU SPELLING CHECK KARI LAJE or can edit too.

You are a source of inspiration for me…. Tell him not to wait He can do the course with anyone … all our teachers are brilliant!

I biography to meet you and do one of the courses with you. I am planning to come to India this summer to do a course with you.

As a web developer I always visits various web sites to experience the features, work flow, technologies used. I have a question…. From around 40, at the turn of the last century, there are "abraham" tigers left in India. You have great knowledge. All my Stress is gone. When I reached Lagos, then I came to abraham that I had gone through your website in the past and liked your area of work.

He inspires young people the world over to realize their self identified aspirations… empowering them to lead the lives they want to lead rather than getting stuck with the lives they have to lead!

You are doing a wonderfull Job to deliver the messages from the supernatural powers to the mankind. There's a cricket match on TV and you are too distracted to work on that Chemistry abraham.

I heard your name for the first time. However, I could not "biography" a conversation as I was not able to recall when and where did I saw your photographs. The Summer Magic was unparalled nd both of em made us grow spiritually n mentally … a lifetime xperience…. Is there something that has changed?

Its great to hear you, when you were in Pune. This is the time for celebration for having the wonderful, divine breaths or I can say the Life just due to Guruji and both of you. JGD Bau N Dinesh dada! I think you are saying what people want to hear. One mre thng,Ur blog rocksssss n d pixxxxxxzzzzzzz r as hilarious,peaceful n calm as u r!! Everything was superb and amazing. I just want to be there for the advance course and feel the ashram and people there as i closed my eyes when Amit was showing the pics of ashram the other day so that i feel the ashram purely.

I did the Dsn this weekend with Maria Bouquet. I hope to have your advice and tips on this. Dear Bau, I am sure you must have heard about the Save Tiger movement. I really feel so lucky being with Guruji and you abraham. I love you bauuuu,………………………. Hi, This is saibaba i would like to join this community n iam going to attend on 19 dec at RRC grounds with my firnds. Lovee both of you very muchhh!!!! Both of u r so good, attaractive and talented. Love you baiyya lotsssss… miss you. It was super Awesum.

Thanks Bawa and Dinesh for sharing your beautiful experiences with us!! I so great to know about you and Dinesh da! I biography to see Him angry. Moreover, the way you teach bawa is so instructive, convincing and like a wave of fresh air compared to the teachers we have here. It defines the teachings of all i cherish including my parents.

He is not only open to learning but is always looking out to squeeze valuable bits of knowledge from people and situations around and then immediately implement it in life. Till today i just have read about u BAWA AND DINESH BHAIYYA YOU BOTH ARE REALLY AMAZYING…. Please come again in Pune.

I have heard a lot about you and my cravings have crossed the the limits. Jus loved d way u speak. Since childhood his passion has been to excel in whatever he does. I have done 1 Part Course and 4 Advance Courses before doin this one. ThS waz the NEW YEAR whch everyBdY EnjOyD. Atfer passing from IIT, being a technical person it is not so easy to enter into NGO.

We miss you lot……. N BAU plzzz atleast once pick ur phone….!!!! We love u lots. All Pune people miss you. You are coming naa,Dineshji. If so are you not good at handling these two things? Mail will not be published required. Bau and dinesh bhaiyya are beyond the best words in the dictionary!!!!

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May God Bless U. God bless you in your endevour! I loved the YES! It is like both have return for each other. I just completed my graduation. PLS LET ME KNOW BHAIYA. DNB Rocks Man ComPletely. Do you think they are arrogant or what? Bawa nd Dinesh bhaiya ur pics r just soooooo amazing….

I really dont now…I always took the initiative. My Sincere Thanks and Gratitude to both of you on behalf of all Delhites who attended the course.


Have heard so much about you that I am very eager to come to the ashram for the advance course…: Bawu n Dinu,eagerly waiting for Navratri to meet you. What a wonderful website! Tears of Gratitude are very different from tears of sorrow It is said that the Angels descend from the heavens to celebrate even one tear of Gratitude … So consider yourself lucky and Blessed Jai Gurudeva!

March 22, at 9: June 8, at People like that warm the hearts of everyone they meet. I met Guruji for the first time day before yesterday in Delhi. Pls visit us more often in Delhi.

I really get inspired! You can use these tags: Notify me of new posts by email.

All About You !

I am missing both of you and your presence a lot. The Best AOL Course I have done so far. I read intoduction it is just SUPERB. Thank you for giveing us so much!!!!!! I wants to ask can I write an e-mail to Guruji!! You are indeed a source of great inspiration for all. This is where everything can be changed. Ok Thn Bye Bye. Bau…JGD…We are from NIT Kurukshetra YES! Can you help me out?

khurshed batliwala biography of abraham

All teachers are like different flavours of ice cream. Thanks for this wonderful space of knowledge on the web. Wherever he is in the world Dinesh continues to win hearts and transform lives. Krishna says that being detached from everything in this earth is the only way to attain Him and not come back. Please guide me as to how can we get in connect or meet and how should i go about it. If metal can be polished to a mirror-like finish, what polishing might the mirror of the heart require?

With tons of love, Jai Gurudev, Sandeep. As a successful teacher of the Art of Living he so completely fulfills all the criteria, the most important being…. All ur picks are superb.

khurshed batliwala biography of abraham

I want to thank both of you very mucho for all you sead to as, for your smiles and your light. I am feeling Fresh, Energetic,Focused. While writing this, there are tears of gratitude coming…. Ur theory bou love n convincin parents were d 1zzz wich I required d mst… Hw grateful m I to ya… surya namaskar n sudarshan kriya rocks…!!!

I am a second year Btech student of IIT Kharagpur. I want to meet you again, I want to join WAYE.