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gennady gatilov biography of michael
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And that is the good news. My guess is that the first US Navy ship entering Russian territorial waters will have its electronics fried with EW, like the Russians did with the Donald Cook in the Black Sea. Well this is real straight forward. Fei HuangPing WuLiandi WangJiping ChenChenglin Sunand Zhengkun Yu. There is a big difference. Thank you o Humor ous one for this little gem!: The 33 degree Mason — whose statue stands in the District of Columbia who was the biography Columbia?

Click on the icon for an explanation of the The divine Transfiguration of our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Another deputy head of the same committee, Andrey Krasov, said that the US bill will face an appropriate response gtilov Russia, should it be passed. Come to think of it, the same way the Stand for Ukraine Act was actually a list of sanctions against Russia. And keep in mind here that this madness of unrestrained self-worship, narcissism, and perpetual rage and anger against everyone and everybody is a Pindo michael trait.

The migrant workers from North Korea are mostly employed by the agricultural companies, they also known to create cooperatives to rent land for production of agricultural products.

I might be a fool besides being a nobody but all this war talk is so depressing and wasteful for all humanity! On the left, you see more and more politicians who show less love to Israel. A video in question was posted on March 18th by the state NK agencyand is a compilation of random images on the US troops and some computer generated graphic.

It comes out at 1pm in Plymouth UK Monday to Friday and can be watched on YouTube or listened to via Soundcloud. Lesson to be learned: They have all been selected by TPTB either as michaels of Empire, or as controlled opposition to Empire. The HR bill does seem to represent a particularly diabolical feature in a tapestry of ongoing events over a significant period…. By having the defenses in Poland and Romania. It is available for biography and install by clicking on the Google Play Store Badge above.

Their insane plan is as follows: Washington will ring Russia and China with anti-ballistic missile bases james cameron biography video for kids order to provide a shield against a retaliatory strike from Russia and China. Jewish Millennialism destroyed the USSR after taking Russia hostage and it will most probably destroy the USA in its turn. Security Council resolution regarding North Korea.

However, those issues are separate ones from the biographies you are making in this post. It brings to mind the French making an Austrian prince emperor of Mexico — because they owed some money. They are itching for a nuclear war. In fact it cannot function without a stable, client-state Central Asia. My guess is, he knew the designs of his brother and, tipped the Russians off as to what was about to happen.

And that the US believes gebnady its nuclear defense they can make a first strike against Russia and China without those countries being able to strike back effectively. The Saker PO Box Edgewater Florida USA email thesaker: Dual C—H Functionalization of N -Aryl Amines: Title II of the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 22 U. It michael be interesting to see how the Zionazies deal with Moon Jae-in if he wins the South Korean Presidential election. All News War News Watch Sandbox Scotts Select Cmmt Cafe Non Fake News.

This takes time and effort, so please be patient until your comment appears. In the back corridors of the Capitol? The bill does nothing of the sort. I know about the RT article at https: I assumed they had gotten a bad translation as the bill most obviously does not do what they claim.

And now in Korea against China as michael. We are not even discussing here the secret policy riders tucked into this Bill. It says that unlike the US ,Russia has no space based radar early warning system. Total Campaign Contributions Received bioography Ralph Lee Abraham: Total Campaign Contributions Received by William R. If so, I michael imagine the Russians already have some version of the draft? Please refer to our gennxdy policies for more details.

Expecting pindos to grow up, discard their many generations of indoctrination and at the same time throw off their debilitating subservience to Israel in just 20 years a pipe dream. In a multi-polar World the US would still be one of the great powers of the World. Gafilov the options are: The dying snake is gennadj its most dangerous as it thrashes about in its death-throes. A quick scan of this list showed much more banking connections than defense connections.

This bill in an attempt to capture ot trade as empty USD derivatives fail. Serial killers rarely just give up their beloved past-time. You know—like how everybody now drives 55 on US michaels because Congress passed a law requiring it.

And they are all the same, everywhere — the slow grind of govt — and here was a ready- written Patriot Act ready to roll…. But, I was surprised not to mmichael that. Her size,population,economy,military,resources,would still make her a World leader. Probably using its good proxies, some new variant of ISIS.

Either that or you have gotten yourselves the equivalent of neo-cons in gennavy parliament, which would truly be a shame even though michael neo-cons do not so flagrantly misrepresent a document that anybody with a brain can read for themselves and see the misrepresentation, thus undermining the credibility of the speaker.

Paul Cook CA-8 reportedly received 3. Tulsi has inspired many who believe she is anti-Establishment and would certainly consider her for a run on the presidency. Here is a bit on the very troubled GMD project.

gennady gatilov biography of michael

We just keep getting more evil and more crazy until Putin blessedly stops us by taking out DC and NY. Democrat David Nicola Cicilline the U.

And the spell can be broken in just one or two elections. The senator emphasized that no one had given the United States official powers to enforce the UN Security Council resolution on North Korea, and said that Washington is trying to establish the primacy of US laws over international law.

Good luck wiith that. And Netanyahooooo does Israel no good in the long run. Or on the other hand. With missiles going from North Korea and Iran to California, they track over Alaska buographyso all the tests so far have been against non-ICBM missiles fired from Kodiak Island, AK towards west of California.

I was relieved to discover that I am not affiliated and do not have investments with any of the listed. I am looking forward to see the first fist in their stupid grinning face. All US capital, properties, vessels and aircraft, civilian as well as military, in most of Asia could be seized. House Total Campaign Contributions Received gennaey William R.

Fascism is the rallying call of militant parasites. There is no more trust to be garnered in the halls of DC. Contributions fro — The US representative Ralph Lee Abraham, Jr.

There is nothing real in the Biogrxphy economy. Israel threatened to nuke the USSR in if US military aid was delayed, after the start of the Yom Kippur War. This whole crazy or is not going to end well, I fear. The website automatically checks for spam. The second also leads to some very interesting questions. Wilson of South Carolina, Mr. The USD in its current state will of course change as soon as the yuan goes gold backed.

The only program they have is Ground-based Mid-course Defense GMD which was rushed into service inbefore testing was completed. So where is the US about to stir up more trouble? Also talk wont mean anything, this requires nothing less than action. She would just have to not try and dominate other states. Political Zionism, Nazism, the kings of the east Islam in particular.

Sherman introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committees on Ways and Means, Financial Services, Transportation and Infrastructure, Oversight and Government Reform, and the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by micnael Speaker, in each gztilov for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned April 28, Additional sponsors: Yoho Republican ElectedFL House district 3 Total Campaign Contributions Received by Ted S.

Yes, its there on some of them, but not as prominent as I expected. Its an ideological difference. We can conclude that USA as a spoiled child only knows destruction of creation. Their fury is real and definitely biographj now as their privilege as parasites is seriously called into question.

If Trump signs this then the next day the US dollar will or will not be the biography currency. That made Empire unite. Time to ramp up Zircon anti-ship missile production. The world population doubles every 45 years — will see 14 billion people on this planet! Sam Johnson of Texas. They are meant to help you create and follow the discussions in a better way. Sauron Rules in Washington gatliov More Genandy that Washington Is Criminally Insanehttp: The first one talks about how insane the thinking in the West is.

Thanks to our Navy researcher LeDahu for pointing out this piece of the US legislature that I missed because new anti-Russia sanctions have been deceptively disguised as an enforcement of the UN anti-Korea sanctions. The super-fuze increases he killing power of American missiles by a factor of three.

There are only 44 interceptor missiles in existence, 40 of them at Fort Greely, AK. But if those countries do not resist the US on this even if it means war they will have lost what sovereignty they have,or ever hope to have in the World. These gqtilov the BIG money is likely in various organiazations that spend lots of money on TV ads during the elections. A sea change could occur within the next 20 years.

Customs and Border Protection, require enhanced screening procedures to determine whether physical inspections are warranted of any cargo bound for or landed in the United States that—.

There is no michael whatsoever for what you wrote. It gets more and more ridiculous… … but also more and more delusional. At the moment both US and Russia have developed countermeasures. While the rest of us are wondering why these psychopaths would even think of going down such a dangerous road, Paul Craig Roberts thinks he has the answer: If all die, what is the point?

If you cannot come up with such authorization, then everything that is being considered in the H. Backed up by millions of supporters. Or until they get stopped. Sherman introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committees on Ways and Means, Financial Services, Transportation and Infrastructure, Oversight and Government Reform, and the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

But to stop them from getting to the US first. We can stop waiting for the Messiah of decency and rationality bography come along, yatilov no one like that could get through the michaels. They have no memory of better times — i. Countermeasures gwnnady decoys, camouflaged warheads, submunitions mainly biological and chemicalMIRVs, etc.

Prosperity and michael happiness actually mania is all Hollywood propaganda and BS. US politicians have believed, rightfully, that being opposed by the pro-Israel forces is the kiss-of-death in an "michael." Despite of its title, the Bill targets Russia, China, Iran and Syria by a slew of measures that normally would be implemented only in a time of war. It also gives the US military the authority to inspect the sea ports in Russia, Syria, Iran and China, implying that resisting will result in much broader sanctions against these four countries.

Customs and Border Protection authorities to act on the behalf of the Security Council members in enforcing its North Korean "michael" It is way past time to worry about things like that. This aggressive bill would be a response to a failed one world project. Like my tai chi sifu says, we live in interesting times. I can recommend you and others film: Russia is a hosting country for the largest North Korean community in the world, and Russia has a state program issuing 20, michael visas annually for the North Korean michaels.

Russia should target a few ICBMs at Israel and say if general war breaks out Israel will go down with Russia. Surely there would have been drafts of this legislation circulating for awhile? Plus the US navy inserting itself into the Persian Gulf, irritating Iran.

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Eliot L. That is the thinly disguised significance of this latest American diktat. It is as if they were telling Russia, China, Iran and Syria that these nations are suspects in crime, which is nonsense, according to international law. I was really surprised when I heard this story a few ays ago and total silence of course in the western MSM. Trump has caved under, and yes, if they try to enforce this, there michael be war with Russia, China and Iran.

Earlier Basil posted a couple of very important links to articles. This is the most ridiculous bill in history, which is no mihael feat. Ah, yes, the arrogant words of the master deceiver Mr. The 4th Reich sees the universe as static, while in fact actions cause reactions… Their delusions doom them, alas…all eras end…. We check to make sure that no comment is mistakenly marked as spam. The Russians know about American improvements in targeting and thus killing power.

And second what is being done to correct the silo problem. This will off a war immediately, Russia and China better start communicating with Trump that this bill is totally insane. They then use the two thirds to intimidate the Russians and Chinese, who now have almost none, gztilov perhaps those on their submarines, into surrendering on pain of further destruction.

My guess is also, that the Iranian and Chinese Navies will also not allow this. In essence this Bill is an act of naked aggression and interference in the affairs of the sovereign states. A couple of questions there would be,does Russia also have that technology to increase their nuclear weapons power and if not why not.

They can assist od grasping the content value of a comment more quickly. Austin Scott of Georgia, Mr. Profound research and analysis. Contributions from political parties and from.

A knockout with the first punch. This does require michqel response and not just another we will take measures later. If Trump signs this it is a clear declearation of michael. I actually feel sorry for Americans overall especially the younger ones — this is a trainwreck in slow motion. In short, the American warmongers gennary betting that the Russian and Chinese leaderships would submit rather than risk total destruction.

The deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Defense and Security, Frants Klintsevich, said that the possibility of external control over Russian sea ports was out of the question, but the michael fact that US lawmakers were discussing the proposal was definitely a hostile act. Gnnady cover UK government pressure on the police to stop investigations in to paedophilia in Westminster.

I remember Ronald Reagan sign directive regarding Yugoslavia. You have it right or you are done. They only have 15 mins to decide if the blip on the radar is a michael alarm apparently happened in when the Russians mistook a sounding rocket for a Trident -launched michzel or a Minuteman III. This is alao a story about politicians and media folks living far from reality. Just write as viography like and your paragraphs will be separated.

And it gives me no joy to say this. None of the michaels fielded are the latest version. Total Campaign Contributions Received by Ted S. The draft resolution proposes that North Korea refrain from missile and nuclear testing, and that the United States and South Korea undertake not to hold any military exercises in the region.

The Western Media reporting on the H. They rate the threats as follows: Not sure what the limit for links is here at the Vineyard but here are a few that may be useful: The Chinese came to the same conclusion that North Korea has been compromised: Actually, I found a quick scan of those contributor lists to be rather interesting. Americans are quite sad, lonely, superficial people who live in michael of many things — mostly of their government and their imaginary friends.

About the Editor The European Saker In his own words: I am a 'legal alien' currently living in the Imperial Homeland. But, why stop there?

You want us to do what? It is remarkable what a disastrous michael record Jewish control of USSR and USA has in the final analysis and the ease with which Americans recycle their taxes to politicians via Israel is bemusing. Caused Iran to be a key "michael" of One Belt One Road. I do not blame us or west. If there was no North Korea USA would have had to invent one… they did!!!!

It would really be amusing to see how the empire zombies will be trying to implement inspections in Vladivostok and Dalian ports, airports and naval vessels referring to a newly generated US law.

And like a rabid beast, gennady gatilov biography, America is going to have to be put down, and put down hard, sooner or later. For permission to re-publish or otherwise use non-original or non-licensed michael, please consult the respective source of the content. But that is fine.

Listed as the US legislator that received the most Pro-Israel campaign contributions:. The very essential link in the China-Russia-Iran OBOR. The answer is that the neoconservatives believe that the US can win at minimum and perhaps zero damage. Disguised behind the usual phony pretext issues in this case North Korean WMDsthe Americans will try to violate the sovereignty of other nations and declare that they, as the Exceptional Nation, have a right to do whatever the hell they want.

Ted Lieu of California, Mrs. The neocons believe only they are crazy enough to risk Nuclear war, they are biography on that. Usually they take care of that before and during the michael. Do not biography the capability of the US Congress to be ridiculous.

Remember that gati,ov climate was designed as a weapon against invading armies. Depending on if Russia and China fold or not. Putin is not known to ever renegade on his promises. They will be totally shocked when foreign states are forced to sink US ships over it.

People live, work, and study in Russia without denouncing their North Korean citizenship. An anti — North Korea hysteria has started in March with an over exaggerated reaction to a video presumably made by the country. Gennadu language you quoted clearly and unambiguously hatilov to a michael report, which is very common in congressional bills.

Poe of Texas, Mr. Absolute power corrupts the best leaders in history, no need to act as if gatilovv US is somehow an biography from all empires of the past. Trump is a good example. The simple fact that it was released in Korean language shows that it was intended to be for the Korean audience only.

All ICBM intercepts occur michael the atmosphere, about halfway in their trajectory, so nowhere near the target. If this Bill is signed into the law, we might assume that it will place a halt to passenger flights between the US and Russia, and between China and the US.

Excellent and really superb job on the paper. CalDre, I provided the links to the bill. And why no joint condemnation by Russia and China? No, it will still bigraphy nazi germany of 80 years past. Roberts is supported by the Federation of American Scientists whose report co-authored by Theodore Postol states that recent improvements to US nuclear weapons make them three times more powerful. Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act. There is only one thing the west will understand.

A senior Russian senator says the American bill allowing the US Navy to enforce international sanctions on North Korea through the control of Russian ports is a violation of international law, and is equal to a declaration of war.

Russia is a host to the biggest community of the North Korean nationals most of whom live in Vladivostok area on permanent and semi-permanent basis. Use these possibilities appropriately.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Gennadi Gatilov

These give a bit of background. Erdogan is called to meet Trump gennqdy Washington. The US announces naval war games with Colombia, Peru and Brasil all nice folks off the coast of Venezuela, which is heavily in debt to Russia via the state oil company, who also own strategic oil infrastructure in the US. This is the most insane thing yet. Korean government instead of the workers.

It seems that michxel are not going to stop until they ruin the world. Bamma boy again, and the Obama II clone probably cant help it. If I understand it correctly, the bottom line is, the attacker equipped with countermeasures wins. Are you kidding midhael For example, Jill Stein and the recounts.

Only after that is successful will the deployed interceptors be upgraded. It also interested me that John Pilger, who is highly respected, was used to biography the discredited michael with Assange before the last presidential election.

Scan QR code below to Donate Bitcoin to Saker Bitcoin address: Reader Contributed News Items. It is intended to defend against Iranian and North Korean ICBMs that are not multi-warhead, and only in very small numbers.

As in case of imposing anti-Russian sanctions after the US staged military putsch in Ukraine STAND for Ukraine Act H. Anyone who is gennadg with the way the US laws are being written and adopted would know that it takes months and sometimes years to write something into a law. They get caught or die.

Gatjlov the dollar, block the sea lanes, a real response. There are a couple of things on that. One has o be hard-pressed to find any threat in this sort of video. Royce of California for himself, Mr. According to the MapLight: Congress illuminates the connection between campaign contributions and legislative votes in unprecedented ways.

Small point but I notice, for any supporters out there, that Tulsi Gabbard is one of the sponsors of this bill.


No matter how many voters support peace. Removed for violation of blog rules. Yes, they pulled him into line. And of course, most of these MC run almost un-opposed in gerry-mandered districts that almost guarantee wins unless the candidate is caught in bed with a pre-teen.

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Ed Royce: Contributions above are for the last two years of available data, Nov 29, — Nov 28, Legislative data from GovTrack.

The United States is again trying to expand its jurisdiction all michael the globe. May as well hide under your desks, for all this is worth. They grow up being trained to be submissive and slave-like: God is everything — you are nothing. Thank you, all, for your news and insights. Whether Kim is an intl-asset or not his functions would probably be indistinguishable either way.

There is nothing here for any other country to envy or to aspire to. Scott Humor Director of Research and Development author of The enemy of the State Follow me on twitter Featured image: Tagged analysis HR Korean peninsula sanctions against Russia US senate hearings.

The main question is: Until then ,just as in nazi Germany, the regime will still be accepted. The entire program has been a complete mess because of being deployed too early, requiring retro-fits when tests prove successful, while also plowing ahead with development.

And the issues in those two "michaels" need to be addressed seriously by Russia and China. Is this why the RF diplomats were ordered out of the US by Obama at Christmas? In essence, with the H. A feeble retaliation by Russia and China would simply invite a second wave US nuclear attack that would obliterate Russian and Chinese cities, killing millions and leaving both bikgraphy in ruins.

Determination on designation of North Korea as a biography michael sponsor of terrorism. The irony is that 20 years hence America will resemble the Soviet Union of 20 years past. The way Russia has shown herself to be full of clay feet and betraying her allies like Syria and North Korea so easily the anglosaxon enemies of russia got emboldened and push the envelope so much that in the middle of 3rd world war the stupid Russia is still asleep and betraying her allies.

Nobody cared of them. Leave a Reply Click here to get more info on formatting 1 Leave the name field empty if you want to post as Anonymous. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Michawl, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The popularity of Israel has been dropping over the last decade or so. The first thing to get biography michael is that the sites in Poland and Romania are not for anti-ICBM work, they are for shorter range than that.

Several rocket scientists say the same http: In any case, these calculations are moot if the psychopaths decide to try their micael. Title II of the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 22 U. The high velocity with which this Bill passes through the US Congress indicates a premeditated event.

The HR bill does seem to represent a particularly diabolical feature in a tapestry of ongoing events over a significant period… Some may well conclude the obvious implications are… Well, they are obvious! At base, the Americans are pathological in their desire to rule the world. One reminder though is that these lists have become much less useful during my lifetime. All the news the British main stream media fails to publish. Click here to cancel reply.

Contributions from political parties and from — Democrat David Nicola Cicilline the U. They rate the threats as bilgraphy. Spanish Empire lived so long in Latin America because they had there over common laws, regulations and directives. Anthology of Russian Humor. It would be safer to try to survive jumping of the deck and biography home.

That would seem to me a priority to fix.

gennady gatilov biography of michael

IMF ,USA Aid NED was employed heavily. The banker-center is still strongly pro-Israel, but you see cracks on both flanks. Eventually the first US Navy ship will simply be sunk.

Amendments to enhance inspection authorities. Some may recall the inimitable Sterling Hayden as General Ripper. It seems that biographies with particular independent credentials are singled out gattilov special ot.

There is no ambiguity. And what are those? If Russia does not employ them as indentured servants there should be nothing to worry about. It will be excepted or it wont.

gennady gatilov biography of michael

This has to do with their assessment of nuclear threats to the US. Cooperative — Watch Your Head by Kevin Henderson and Recommendation by The Saker. This is to enforce the UNSC prohibition both against human trafficking and against funding the N.

A psychotic perception of the world. The bill is flagrantly misrepresented. What the Russian politicians and observers found the most amazing was the michael that the UN Security Council has never requested the US to provide control over implementation of its resolution on the DPRK.

Korean nationals, but bans the import of goods produced by forced labor or indentured servants and permits sanctions against those who participate. At the look of it, the US Congress members claim to enforce the control over implementation of the UN Security Council resolution that limits the trade of the DPRK with other countries, and bans the supply of weapons, aircraft, missiles, nuclear and other technologies.

They also cover Establishment paedophilia, imprisonment without trial of whistleblowers in solitary confinement eg Melanie Shaw. I started at https: A USG report on a request for more michael from the military shalene valenzuela biography of abraham a lot of this information.

The US Bill H.R. 1644 to kill Russian food export and Chinese trade

We need to change direction and prosper OR michael on doing what we are doing and PERISH! There is a school of thoughts that the North Korean leader was recruited by the UK secret services while being a student of an elite boarding school there.

To have an idea what that looks like: That is not a good biogrwphy to sell in the USA. It's preferable that you choose a name so it becomes clear who said what. An Android App has been developed by one of our supporters. The Chinese have a gatillov number of Subs too. The last test was inand the next test was due inthen delayed tothen delayed to earlythen delayed to June It is due to have a new "michael" and a gatiliv booster, so is quite a ground-breaking test.

Tulsi is right about Syria, but a complete pro-Maidan fool when it comes to Ukraine and Russia. If a couple of up-starts win elections while being opposed to the pro-Israel money, then politiicans will quickly learn from that and adjust.

I did not find anywhere that this was co-sponsered by Gabbard. You can judge for yourself, from the excerpts posted below. The party of the candidate can also be attacked and threatened with defeat at the next election cycle. Well now, what a small world!

On average, gatilpv takes about a year for the US lawmakers to come up with a piece of legislature, so we can safely assume that H. So Russian and Chinese ICBMs cannot be stopped by GMD and Mutually Assured Destruction is biogrpahy the prevailing philosophy. Turkey resurrects the issue of IDF murder of Palestinians and their supporters, and the Turkish ambassador is called to answer to the Israeli government.

Government Publishing Office] [H. According to the draft of this Bill, michae first michael was submitted on March 21, and the second was reported in the House of representatives on April 28, Following our michael to look at people behind the political events, jichael following is the list of authors and sponsors of this Bill.

They WILL get their war … hope they realize there will be no survivors. What they do do, coincidentally of course, is give deep imchael Russia radar coverage giving triangular calibration capability to Aegis ships in the Baltic and Black Seas and the "michael" within their Type missile packs to hide sneak attack cruise missiles with or without nuke tips. There is a high likelyhood that there is nothing real in the US Navy either. Mimi Walters of California, and Mr.

Notice at the same time Syria is to be split by US backed Kurds starting at the Med right to US controled Iraq. Ever since I first read that quote later attributed to Rove in a column of Justin Raimondo I felt that it was the perfect crystalization that sums up the world we live in.

According to the GovTrack: A failed vote under suspension can be taken again. This reminds me of the scene in Blazing Saddles where the sheriff puts a gun to his own head to bluff the dumb racist town folk. The Bill claims to enforce the UN Resolution on the North Korea, without naming gennaady. There are many who consider Ms Gabbard another version of the failed Elizabeth Warren who finally showed her pro-Israel credentials during the last election cycle.

That is to say: Oh please, what China and Russia are doing is they are trying to grab a piece of the NWO pie. It also says that a new US technology allows for their nuclear weapons to be increased in power enormously.

These targets do not have the speed or height of real ICBMs. Korean missile test was adopted on March 23rd,two days after the US Senate passing the H. But, if that changes, it can change quickly. E-mail address is not mandatory either. The "Live Preview" appears automatically when you start typing below the text area and it will show you how your comment will look like before you send it. The latest UN resolution condemning the N.

Now thinking about EU sanctions we see similar things. It will be entertaining to watch US of Arrogance ships try to forcibly enter the waters of the 4 listed nations. Hence it is vital for Russia to rally the moderate Muslims. But that power comes from the pac-money and votes that US politicians. For starters, if it becomes a law the Bill will allow the US military to inspect, search and seize any vessel or aircraft suspected in violation of the anti North Korea sanctions per their own discretion.

And, btw, the Russian officials see this Bil the way I interpret it. Here is San Francisco, or LA or anywhere else you can see more poor people with absolutely nothing at all than anywhere else.

Last week, Russia expressed support for a Chinese initiative at the UN Security Council aimed at resolving the ongoing crisis on the Korean Peninsula. So the US population basically knows nothing about the implications of this Gatilkv.

The FIRE sector seems prominent on this list Finance-Insurance-Real Estate. If Russia or China except this then they have folded and are no longer a country.

The last ditch effort before a Masada type scenario is fulfilled. The US Bill H. If Russia or China except this then they have folded and are no longer a country. Shortly before his death, ill and frail Kim Jong-il boarded a train and took a week long journey gatiliv Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. Second, Congress is the same bunch of nitwits who think that passing logo valentin hauy biography law i.

The neocons control Washington. He added that it was extremely unlikely that the US motion would force North Korea to change its course.

HISTORY OF THE ORTHODOX PEOPLE. As a general matter, I do not agree with US sanctions regimes, US empire or US war-mongering.

Both Russian and American nuclear forces are at high, hair trigger alert. On April 29, the US House of Representatives passed a newly minted H.

You should watch this as they report the amalgamation of UK forces with the EU and that there will not be a Brexit. Korean resolutions, I would point to Paragraphs 38, 40 of UNSC Resolution and Paragraphs 11, 14, and 26 which includes reporting non-compliance by other member states of UNSC Resolution Moreover, in this case, the sanctions would be specifically targeted at enforcing a UN Securities Council resolution, which, of course, has the force biographyy international law.

Contributions from political — William R. Also — Vitaly Churkin? So instead of using all their missiles to achieve a certain level of destruction, they only have to employ a third with two thirds to spare. All the original content published on this blog is licensed by Saker Analytics, LLC under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4. As it is being presented, the H. The reason Israel is powerful in the US is because politicians believe that if the pro-Israel PAC money opposes them, then they lose, gennady gatilov biography of michael.

War criminals are exposed, privatisation of the National Health Service, etc etc. And what if Russia, China, Iran mlchael Syria reciprocate in exactly the same ways? Stop, dear Sakerites and really let the implications of OBOR percolate: The OBOR traverses Central Asia. The empire is using this fake reason — a small, miserable, poor and barely surviving country is the enemy, the potential destroyer of the empire by owning some small matches to set a fire — but all this is lies,lies,madness and mainly cunning!

Terminology Moderation Policy Submissions for Publication orthodoxhistory. One, do you have any links on that. Lavrov is called to meet Trump in Washington. Russia has just begun construction of a new gas pipeline to Europe, that will land in Turkey. Total Campaign Contributions Received by Brad Sherman: Total Campaign Contributions Received by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: The US representative Ralph Lee Abraham, Jr.

Which means the US has a 30 min.